Web Application development with better & improved new PHP framework: Laravel

With evolving technical era that demands fast & robust web applications to meet and satisfy user goal & requirements. Laravel, a new PHP Framework that helps to build robust web applications for all size web applications.

What is Laravel : PHP Framework?


Laravel is free open source web development framework with simple and expressive syntax for programming. Laravel Development generates creative & enjoyable development platform by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching, for developers for application development and they easily build robust & enhanced applications using it.

Why best choice for new generation’s web applications?

  • Simple – Laravel’s features & functionalities are easy to understand and use.
  • Elegant – most of Laravel’s functions work seamlessly with very little configuration, relying on industry-standard conventions to lessen code-bloat
  • Robust Applications – it make web application robust and fast to increase & improve user experience
  • Easy third party codes & APIs integration with composer tool

What makes Laravel Different?

  • RESTful Routing

Use simple Closures to respond to requests to your application. It couldn’t be easier to get started building amazing applications.

  • Great Command of Data

Ships with the amazing Eloquent ORM and a great migration system. Works great on MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, and SQLite.

  • Provide Better User experience with Beautiful Templating

Use native PHP or the light-weight Blade templating engine. Blade provides great template inheritance and is blazing fast. You’ll love it.

  • Proven Foundation

Laravel is built on top of several Symfony components, giving your application a great foundation of well-tested and reliable code.

  • Composer Powered

Composer is an amazing tool to manage your application’s third-party packages.

  • Great Testing Experience with Red, Green, Refactor

Laravel is built with testing in mind. Stay flexible with the IoC container, and run your tests with PHPUnit. Don’t worry… it’s easier than you think.

Project Developed with Laravel : you can review the various web applications which developed using Laravel framework at List of sites built with Laravel PHP framework.

Effective Ways to Manage Your Blog Website

Now days, it’s become easy to share your knowledge and experience over internet as weblog, which widely known as Blog. For many, reputed brands and company having their own blog to share their case studies, white papers, knowledge and most importantly for generating leads.

Blog websites provide platform as well to veterans to share their domain knowledge and expertise.

Often we hear about Content Marketing and SEO that increases the website ranking over search engines, for that you can achieve it by integrating blog website with you company website.

We have blog website which having great contents to post; Now what should we need to do to get more traffic and more exposure. Let’s have look the ways to manage blog website effectively to meet goals.

Keep Blog Website Search Engine Friendly

Search Engines drive most traffic to your website and so it’s important for every blog owner to increase their blog website’s search visibility and ranking, for that we need to optimize our blog website according search guidelines.

Increase Speed and Load time

Search Engines and Users love those websites; which having less load time and work speedily.

Keep Sharing buttons

Social Media websites are considered as best medium to generate and drive more traffic to your websites, so keep sharing options for visitors to share blog posts over social media.

Syndicate Blog with Various Popular Blog/News Websites

Syndication will increase your blog’s traffic so you need to syndicate/ping your blog website with many popular blogs/news websites

Track & Monitor Blog Website’s Traffic

It’s important to track & monitor your blog website traffic and according it you should customize and refine your existing strategy to increase traffic and engagement.


5 Common SEO Mistakes That Hurt Your Website’s Ranking

SEO generates great results for any business if it performed in right ways and with right approaches. I have been working on several projects and understood that few basic mistakes should be avoided by every SEO professional to get more benefits from SEO Solution, these few mistakes can hurt your website ranking.

Let’s avoid these mistakes

1.    Generation of many Back Links in short Duration
Most of Clients want results in overnight, to satisfy client many SEO Providers & Freelancers are offering link building strategy that generate more links in short period. Ideally, good results come over time by gradually generating links.

Every SEO provider should avoid quick generation of lots links because search can penalize your website and consider it as your website is over optimized. 

2.   Build Only Do Follow Back Links
Do follow back links are considering very important for every website and it’s helps search engines to rank your website. Search Engines are also check the do follow as well as no follow links and some popular website are also offer no-follow link. It’s important to manage ratio of no-follow and & do-follow links.

You should avoid only do-follow link generation campaign.

3.   Not Considering Social Media
Now days, due to heavy SEO activities and according latest search engines algorithm changes, they consider social media presence to rank website. It also drives more traffic, engage your potential customers and increase brand awareness.

Your should include Social Media Campaign in SEO

4.   Only Use Targeted Keyword In Anchor Tags
Only links for targeted keywords can penalize your website, you should mix keywords with its synonyms and related keyword phrase.

5.   Build Back Links Only For Home Page
Most of links are for only home page, which increase ranking your home pages for specific keywords, you should target the keywords of sub pages of your website and redirect your potential client to those targeted pages for better conversion.
Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere sign on white background.

An approach to increase your sales Using Social Media!

Social Media raises their head and becomes most popular marketing platform for every business. It’s very important for any company to generate more sales and they try every approach of marketing to do so.

Now days, every business is providing training to their marketing team to use suitable social media to exploit it to generate more sales. Let’s choose right approach together to use effectively.

1.   Identify Your Potential Customers/Clients
Sales generate through right marketing approach, for that you need to identify targeted customers/clients for your business services/products.

2.   Understand their Needs & Behavior
After Identify the targeted customers/clients, you should understand their behaviors  problems and needs as what they are looking for, where are they are present, what’ they like most, etc. that help you to design and define digital marketing solutionsfor your business that work more effectively.  

3.   Choose Right Social Media Channel For Your business
Next step is to build brand awareness among your potential customers and increase their engagement with your brand, and social media will help to do so, but each & every social media will not help much so it’s important to choose right social channel for you business. There are very popular social channels as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc.

4.   Be Present, Be Consistent
It’s not enough to choose & create your business profiles over social media profile. Generally, users are very keen to know latest updates/news, latest offers and discount of their favorite brands or products. So, it’s your responsibility to be there and post regular contents to bind your potential customers.

5.   Monitor, Track and Evolve your Strategy
The most important is to monitor and track your strategy continuously, that help you to understand flow and path of leads that are comes, and improve your strategy according so we can most efficient output from it. “Competition is continuously increasing and we should update our strategy to get dominant in our business vertical”.

Be Careful While Choosing Social Media Marketing Provider

Social Media is boon for current online businesses/brands that to engage your potential customers and prospects with your brands, and also help to promote & market your products and services.
Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest are highly used social media, and these become essential platform for your brands, bcoz every person love to follow their favourite brands and want to receive recent updates/offers.

The Real beauty is to manage your brands carefully according social media guidelines. Due to current competition every business wants more followers and fans to their business profile.

While, many seo companies, digital marketing agencies, freelance professional are offering their services to increase fans and followers. Before purchasing their services, you should review their methods & strategy to meet targeted goal. If your provider uses unethical ways then it will hurt your brand. So be careful with this, it just waste your time, money, resource and also spoil your brand reputation.

Before making any decision you should
  • Ask for recent portfolio
  • Ask for detail strategy and plans
  • Take interviews of candidate, whom work is assigned by Provider
  • Compare their strategy with other Providers

Choose Right Social Media Marketing Provider for your company, because it’s important player to build your brand reputation.

Don’t lure to cheap schemes/services, later which cost you more. 

4 Factors of Website That Convert Visitors into Customers


Every website has only one goal, Conversions.

Landing Pages are important aspect of website that can convert visitors into customers. Every landing page must be designed according its targeted business goals & scope. It’s important for every website to get more conversions than only web traffic.

Here, Information architecture plays great role to convert visitors into customers.

These 4 factors helps to get more conversions

1.       Website structures & Design

Website must have well structured and consistence Design, which include good fonts, well structured layout, good images, etc.

2.       Call to Action Texts and Links

After defining the goal and scope of website, we should use best call to action text/links to website, which help visitors to find easily what they are looking for and also retain them on website.

3.       Strong References

Website should have strong references, which includes good portfolio, clients’ testimonials, products/services reviews and good case studies. These references help to get confidence of visitors.

4.       Test, Test, Test

After Designing website, test different versions of website designs. The tests can be A/B Testing and Multivariate testing. Launch different versions, and continuously check conversion ratio of all website. Then select best one from all other versions.

5.       Track, Monitors and Improve Your Conversion Path

Use good analytics software to track and monitor your conversion path, then improve your most effective path for conversion.

Success comes through continuous tested & evolved efforts. Let’s get more benefits through our SEO teams’ efforts by getting more conversion.

“It’s crucial to have well organized website for every online businesses”

6 Ways to Manage Your Social Media Presence

Social Media raise their head to give more advantages to every business. I will explain how we can leverage our online business with help of Social Media presence and get more traffic to website. 

Below 6 ways help you to manage you social media presence effectively

1.       Choose Right Social Media For Your Business

My Father always says “concentrate only one thing at a time, and stick to it, and get rid of it”. It also applies to current social media, everyone should monitor their social media profiles, and find out which is most traffic driven and engaging your audience, and then concentrate on it. If you concentrate selected social media then you can provide more inputs to those and get more benefits of it.

2.       Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

After choosing right social media for your business, next important task for every business to find out loop holes in your social media and correct those by optimizing it.

3.       Learn From Your Competitors

It’s better to learn from your competitor mistakes and define your strategies according it. Every business should monitor your competitor that what they are doing and evolve your strategies which is better than competitors.

4.       Regularly Post Interesting Contents

Someone says “better to get used than rust”. In current competitive world you should come with new techniques and new interesting content, which engage your audience. 

5.       Provide Free Helps Or Consultation

It’s in human nature to attract to free things and share it through in friend, family and colleagues circle. So every business should provide some sort of free things, which will affect your business.

6.       Share Your Customers’ experiences

Before I make any decision about purchasing, to take services, etc. I will do bit research about and try to find out customers reviews and product reviews. It is a best way to share your customers experience on social media that attract more customers.

There are many things that every business should take care to exploit social media well.

SEO – The Effective Technique to Increase Sales

It’s was great experience while I was working with my previous company, Company gets great business leads and great inquiries through website, that the result of great SEO.

What is SEO?

We all are aware with SEO, let me just give the brief. SEO is process optimization & tuning of website according search engines’ guide lines.

Search engines are using algorithms to provide more relevant results to searched query of users, and algorithms count various factors to do such.

Only having great website is not important, you should have great raking and great traffic to your website, seo is one of the effective solutions for your website.  

Advantages of SEO

  • Drive targeted audience to your website
  • Increase SERP Ranking for specific keywords
  • Increase ROI

Why are you waiting for, Get the SEOed


Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website Through Basic Activities

It’s easy way to drive traffic to your website; you just need to follow few basic activities that make sure that you are active here on internet. 
1.       Optimize Your Website According Search Engines through Basic SEO

Everything should be worked as per some sort of rules. And, in the internet era search engines are dominants, and drive the most traffic to website through those.

Search Engines are systems that indexed your website according some sort of algorithms and parameters. And they are providing guideline for optimizing website. So, it’s important to be on first in search results and that leads more traffic to your website.

2.       Create Regular Back Links

Reference is important to buy or choose or select anything and search engines are working on same. So it’s important for every webmaster to generate regular back links for their website, which can be done by content marketing, link building, etc

3.       Be on Social Media

Get Social, because it’s platform to promote your business services or products over internet. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more are key social media, where every business should have profile and need to update content regularly.

4.       Take Participate in Forums/Discussions

Advice and sharing thought are also important to build trust for business, so you need to join popular Forums or Discussion, to provide advises or sharing your view on particular problem and etc.

5.       Monitor, Manage and Improve Website Traffic

It’s great for every business to have more traffic, but it’s important to identify  source & nature of traffic and conversion. You need to monitor and measure traffic channel and improve it according your business needs.